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Shelburne, MA

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Our rural Western Massachusetts farm raises happy, healthy (human) kids who in turn raise lovely hand-reared lambs and sheep. Each youngster has their favorite breed of sheep, so the motley crew of sheep include a few, hardy dual-purpose breeds like Shropshires, Southdowns and Oxfords. But don’t underestimate the wool from these often overlooked powerhouses!  We have chosen each of the sheep for the quality and quantity of their wool, body confirmation and mothering abilities.

Along with all these down breed, white wooled sheep, we also have a couple standouts — they’re black — or, technically, charcoal grey. They include a registered Border Leicester ram and a Border Leicester cross (x colored Romney).  And then there is “Baa” — a mostly white Shetland x Romney cross. She has a ginormous, yummy, largely white, whispy and long-stapled fleece.

With our pastured sheep, we keep two, double-coated Maremmas. The Maremma is THE traditional livestock guardian dog in Italy. They resemble a Great Pyrenees, but aren’t.  After adding our Maremmas, we haven’t lost any sheep to heavy and deadly local coyote predation.


Wells Tavern Farm: Oxford Sheep
Wells Tavern Farm: Natural Colored Ewe
Wells Tavern Farm: A Southdown Lamb
Wells Tavern Farm: A Border Leicester x Romney

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