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Tunbridge, VT

In 2018, by very good fortune, we fell into a small flock of purebred Icelandic Sheep. Now, we’re focused on growing the flock and producing quality meat and fiber through intensive and regenerative pasture management. Icelandic Sheep are an “unimproved” breed, meaning their genetics are almost entirely the same as their ancestors’ from a thousand or so years back. This means they do well in a climate like Vermont’s; they prefer cooler summers and do very well in the frigid winters. They are fantastic mothers, excellent grazers, and carry themselves well over our farm’s countless slopes.

By intensively managed pasture, we mean: moving the flock into new fencing and grass every few days to cut down on internal parasite loads, spreading manure evenly throughout the pasture to fertilize the plants, and never allowing the grass to get so mowed down that it can’t regrow healthily.


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