Studio Hill

Shaftsbury, VT

Studio Hill is a regenerative, pastured meat business on Pullman Farm, our fourth-generation family farm in Shaftsbury, Vermont. We raise a flock of Katahdin/Dorper sheep in our pastures using holistic management practices to improve our land and soil over time. We never use pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, nor GMOs.

Grazing in the East Meadow: Our flock is moved to new pasture at least every day throughout the growing season. Our grasses are improving tremendously.
The View from Studio Hill: The "studio" on Studio Hill was built in 1939 by Caroline's Great Grandfather, T. K. Stevenson.
Pasture-Raised Pigs: In addition to sheep, we also raise pigs in our pastures and in our woods.
Pastured Chicken: We raise a few hundred chickens every year as well. They follow the sheep in our pasture rotation.
Pastured Turkey: We also raise a few dozen turkeys for Thanksgiving.

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Jesse McDougall
957 Trumbull Hill Road
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