Kind Horn Farm

South Duxbury, VT

Vermont Handcrafted Icelandic Sheep. Certified organic hill farm raising the highest quality Icelandic Sheep. Breeding our own farm bred rams, plus yearly importation of semen from Iceland’s best rams. With our artificial insemination program, we work toward diversification of genetics and breeding top quality animals for breeding stock with excellent meat conformation, above average fertility, superb milking qualities in the ewes, and, of course, amazing fleeces. We offer breeding stock, Icelandic lamb, and all kinds of fiber from raw fleeces to yarn to handwoven rugs.

Silver Icelandic Ram lamb:
Brown Icelandic Ram Lamb:
Dark Icelandic Ram Lamb:
Icelandic Ewe with her ram lamb:
Icelandic Yearling Ewe:

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Kathy Taft Boyden
1920 Dowsville Rd.
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