Center Farm – Zimmerman and McCollister Family

East Montpelier, VT

Center Farm raises natural colored and white Border Leicesters, Karakuls and various vigorous crosses for meat and wool on our organically-managed pastures in historic East Montpelier Center. We use the most sustainable and humane practices – protecting ground-nesting birds in our hayfields, running our farm on solar power (thank you Catamount Solar!), and carefully managing our grazing and haying to regenerate our soils.
We sell meat, raw fleece and washable sheepskins directly from the farm. We occasionally breed our English Shepherds, amazing farms and family dogs. We offer farm camps and pony lessons as well, and we enjoy mentoring others to reciprocate the
relationships that have helped us over the years.

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Erica Zimmerman
1820 Center Rd
East Montpelier, VT 05602

(802) 223-6930