Who We Are

The Vermont Sheep and Goat Association is a non-profit agricultural membership organization and has been in existence for over 100 years. We are incorporated in the State of Vermont, have a Board of Directors and a written set of by-laws. In addition to soliciting our membership on an annual basis for dues to sustain our administrative services and publications, we write for grants to support our programs.

As a volunteer organization, we could do nothing without the good will, ideas and support of our membership.

Annually we elect a Board of directors, four of whom are officers. Our purpose is to support, improve and strengthen the diverse community of sheep and goat breeders in Vermont and to work to insure a viable infrastructure to produce healthy animals and get our products to market. We produce lamb, chevon, cheese, breeding stock, and wool. Although geared primarily towards the needs of sheep and goat producers, we also welcome members with animals that produce fine fibers, including angora goats, alpaca, llamas and angora rabbits.

Our membership is made up of sheep and goat producers with many different breeds, farm sizes and farming philosophies. Our aim is to promote humane treatment of animals, a high-level of animal health, and sustainable farmland stewardship on all farms. Through the educational, technical assistance and marketing opportunities that we with others provide, we strive to help our members gain satisfaction as shepherds as well attain profitability in their businesses.

We work collaboratively with a number of sister organizations and institutions. The University of Vermont Extension ServicesVermont Technical CollegeVermont Grass Farmers Association and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture are among the organizations that provide education and technical assistance.

Marketing assistance and market opportunities come from a variety of sources, including the Vermont Lamb Promotion BoardVermont Cheese CouncilNortheast Center for Food Entrepreneurship, and the Vermont Fresh Network. Cooperatives such as Vermont Quality Meats and Pride of Vermont offer members profitable markets for lamb. Vermont’s sheep and goat milk cheeses are among the best in the world.

We also share expertise and experience among our members through workshops and on-farm mentoring, as well as invite experts in production and marketing to educational events and workshops throughout the year. Conferences include  successful entrepreneurs, renowned small ruminant dairy experts, cheese makers and spinners from around the world. VSGA’s Sheep and Wool Festival in October is celebrated as one of Vermont’s premier agricultural events.

We have many opportunities for members to provide useful services, including tours of their farms, service on the board of directors and committees, assistance with the Sheep and Wool Festival, mentoring of new sheep and goat producers, articles in our newsletter, information for our website, membership development, and educational workshops.

Our Board of Directors and Committee Chairpersons are listed here. We welcome and applaud your input and help.