VT Slaughter Facilities

Sheep and Goat USDA-Inspected Slaughter Houses

*Updated as of February, 2016. Please contact the facility directly for most up-to-date information.

USDA-inspected: This means the slaughtering facility has a USDA-inspector on the premises at all times. If you want to sell your meat to consumers, by Vermont law, it must be inspected.

Custom slaughter: This process is not inspected. If you are slaughtering animals for your own person consumption, this is one option. If you are selling it, it must be inspected.

Organic processing: These facilities have been certified to slaughter animals organically. There is sometimes an extra fee for organic slaughtering.

Kill: Cost of killing the animal
Process: Cost of breaking down the carcass into cuts (e.g. chops, loin, etc.)
Wrap: Cost of packaging the cuts.
Rendering fee: Fee for disposing inedible parts of the carcass.
Labeling fees: Some facilities have a separate labeling fee, usually there is an extra charge if you would like your farm’s information on the label.
Saves hides? Does the facility allow you to save animal hides, if desired.
Further processing? Many facilities offer sausages, hot dogs and/or smoking for an extra fee. It is best to ask directly about those options as they vary based on details.
*Unless otherwise noted all prices are per head.

Adams Farm
Location: 15 Higley Hill Road, Wilmington, VT 05363
Contact information: (802) 464-3762 or gotmeat@nulladamsfamilyfarm.com
Website: http://adamsfamilyfarm.com/
Facility details: VTDA-inspected; USDA-inspected
Animal min/max: none
Beef: Kill- $75; process & wrap- $.85/lb; rendering fee- $18
Pork: Kill-$50; process & wrap- $.75/lb; rendering fee- $15
Sheep & Goat: Kill, process, wrap-$100 (under 50 lbs), anything over 50 lbs is an extra $1.00/lb rendering fee-$7.50/animal. Process on Wednesdays
Saves hides? Yes
Further processing? Sausages

Brault’s Meat Market and Slaughterhouse
As of 3/11/16 might not be taking on new commercial customers, call for more info.
Location: 6673 VT Route 100, Troy, VT, 05868
Contact information: (802) 744-2271
Website: http://www.braultsmarket.com/
Facility details: VTDA-inspected or custom slaughtering
Beef: kill- $60, process & wrap$.75/lb
Pig: kill- $55, process & wrap- $.75/lb
Sheep & goat: $38 kill fee. Custom processing- $.60/lb; USDA-inspected- $.70/ lb

Eagle Bridge Smokehouse
Location: 139 Center Road, Eagle Bridge, NY
Contact information: (518) 677-2702 or eaglebridgecustommeat@nullyahoo.com
Website: http://eaglebridgecustommeat.com/
Facility details: USDA-inspected
Animal min/max:
Beef: kill- $90; process & wrap- $.8/lb
Pig: kill- $45; process & wrap- $8/lb
Sheep & goat: Kill- $35; USDA-inspected processing- $50 (under 75 lbs), over 75 lbs- $.80/lb hanging weight
Saves hides?
Further processing?

Green Pasture Meats
Location: 16 Campground Road, New Haven, VT
Contact information: (802) 453-5107
Website: http://www.greenpasturemeats.com
Facility details: USDA-inspected; information below is for animals brought to slaughter house for processing, call for pricing on mobile slaughterhouse and commercial and person custom slaughtering; also buys whole animals
Animal min/max: none
Beef: kill- $80; $.85/lb processing
Pig: kill- $50; $.85/lb processing
Sheep & goat: $40 kill fee, $75 cut and wrap fee. They are buying lambs (Call Dillon (802) 349-6871)
Saves hides? Yes
Further processing? Sausage links

Maple Ridge Meats
As of 3/11/16 not taking on any more sheep customers
Location: 464 Stage Road, Benson, VT
Contact information: (802) 537-2811
Website: http://mapleridgemeats.com/
Facility details: USDA-inspected. Organic processing
Animal min/max: none
Beef: kill- $55; process & wrap- $.80/lb
Pig: kill- $40 (up to 300 lbs) or $50 (300 lbs+); process & wrap- $.80/lb
Sheep & goat: Kill, process, wrap- $95. Boxing charge- $2.10
Further processing? Sausages

Northeast Kingdom Processing
Location: 796 Industrial Parkway, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
Contact information: (802) 748-2233
Website: http://nekprocessing.com/
Facility details: USDA-inspected; Organic processing
Animal min/max: none
Beef: kill- $65; process & wrap- $.70/lb (custom), $.75/lb (USDA-inspected), $.80/lb (USDA w/farmer label)
Pork: kill- $50 (under 300 lbs) or $60 (over 300 lbs); process & wrap- $.70/lb (custom), $.75/lb (USDA-inspected), $.80/lb (USDA w/farmer label)
Sheep & goat (processed on Mondays): Kill- $40; Custom processing – $50 (under 60 lbs) or $1/lb (over 60 lbs). USDA-inspected- $55 (under $60 lbs) or $1.15 (over 60 lbs); USDA-inspected w/farmer’s lable- $60 (under 60 lbs) or $1.50/lb (over 60 lbs)
Breakdown and pick-up fee- $20/visit
Saves hides? Yes
Contact Rich Young (802) 563-2882 about buying culls.

PT Farm
Location: North Haverhill, NH
Contact information: (603) 787-9199
Website: http://newenglandmeat.com/
Facility details: USDA-inspected
Animal min/max: none
Beef: kill- $60; process & wrap- $.75/lb (custom) or $.80/lb (USDA-inspected) or $.85/lb (USDA w/farmer label)
Pig: contact directly for pricing
Sheep & goat (Mondays): kill- $50; process & wrap- $40 (custom) or $45 (USDA-inspected) or $50 (USDA-inspected w/ farmer’s brand label)
Saves hides? Same day pick-up
Further processing? Yes

Royalton Meats
Location: 3282 Beaver Meadow Rd Sharon
PO Box 10 South Royalton, VT
Contact information: (802)-763-8100
Facility details: USDA inspected facility for commercial, custom and retail processing of beef, goat, sheep. Live animals only. Call for details.
Animal min/max:
Sheep & goat:
Saves hides?
Further processing?

The Royal Butcher
Location: 882 Route 12A, Braintree, VT
Contact information: (802) 728-9901
Website: http://www.theroyalbutcher.com/
Facility details: USDA-inspected, Organic processing; Humane Handling Certified
Animal min/max? none
Beef: kill- $55; process- $.83/lb; wrap- $.35/lb; rendering $10/head
Pigs: kill- $45; process- $.83/lb; wrap- $.35/lb; rendering $5/head
Sheep & Goat: Kill and Processing: Under 60 lbs- $100.00/animal; 61 lbs. to 100 lbs.-$110.00/animal; Over 100 lbs.- $130.00/animal. Boneless Fees (per animal) 2 shoulders or 2 legs- $10.00; 2 shoulders and 2 legs- $20.00; Whole animal- $30.00; Slaughter & Wrap- $60.00 if wrapped whole; Rendering- $5.00/head
Label Fee- varies by species; Box Fee- $2.09/box; Organic Fee- $1.00/animal
Saves hides? Yes, suggest they keep them
Further processing? Bulk sausage

Vermont Livestock Slaughter and Processing
Location: 76 Depot Street, Ferrisburgh, VT
Contact information: Carl Cushing (802) 877-3421
Website: http://vermontmeat.com/
Facility details: USDA-inspected
Animal min/max:
Sheep & goat: Custom kill, process, wrap- $75; USDA-inspected- $95 (under 50 lbs) or $105 (over 50 lbs). One-time label cost- $85 or $125 w/ farmer’s label
Saves hides?
Further processing?

Vermont Packing House
Location: 25 Fairbanks Rd., N. Springfield, VT 05150
Contact information: (802) 886-8688
Website: http://www.vermontpackinghouse.com/
Facility details: USDA-inspected; Organic processing
Animal min/max:
Beef: kill- $55; process & wrap- $.79/lb
Pig: kill- $38; process & wrap- $.79
Sheep & goat (20 head minimum, must be on one cut sheet) kill, process, wrap: $100 (any size)
$19 rendering fee/head; Organic processing 10% surcharge
Saves hides?
Further processing?