Villa Villekulla Farm

Tunbridge, VT

Villa Villekulla Farm takes its name and inspiration from the ramshackle home of the original flame-haired independent spirit, Pippi Longstocking. It is a one-woman operation founded by Lauren Gitlin and her retinue of ruminant colleagues that seeks to embody playfulness, whimsy and superhuman strength in crafting wildly delicious goats’ milk based dairy products: goat butter, skyr and whey-based elixirs. The herd is grazed on 80 acres of scrubby, herb-speckled hillside.

FiveSpringBrowsers: The founding five testing spring grass
Ellen browsing:
Post milking cuddles:

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Lauren Gitlin
213 Bicknell Hill Rd.
Tunbridge, VT 05077

(347) 276-7131