Vermont Grand View Farm

Vermont’s First Gotland Sheep

Vermont Grand View Farm welcomed the first flock of Gotland sheep into the state of Vermont during the summer and fall of 2014. We are dedicated to raising high percentage Gotland sheep characteristic of their Swedish predecessors.Our flock consists of Gotlands ranging from 91% to 98.78%.

Gotland sheep are known for their lovely gray curls and friendly personalities. They are one of the northern short tailed breeds, which are small in size, yet hardy and full of vigor with excellent mothering and lambing capabilities. It is not uncommon for ewes to have triplets. They have clean black faces and legs and very little wool growth on their bellies. Their fleeces range in color from light silver to dark charcoal gray and fall in soft, lustrous curls. In Sweden, where they originate, they are primarily raised for their pelts and meat.

Our Farm Offers

-Gotland breeding stock, wool products
-overnight farmstays
-custom fiber art classes

Vermont Grand View Farm: Washington, VT
Vermont Grand View Farm: Felting workshop
Vermont Grand View Farm: In the summer
Vermont Grand View Farm: A felted mural
Vermont Grand View Farm: Using a drop spindle
Vermont Grand View Farm: Spinning
Vermont Grand View Farm: The farm in winter
VT Grand View Farm:

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