Sugar Top Farm LLC

Hyde Park, VT

Sugar Top Farm, LLC is a small family farm located in Hyde Park, Vermont. We have a modest size herd of mostly Alpines, and we take pride in the individualized care we can provide for our goats. Our herd is tested negative for CAE, CL and Johne’s. We feed organically, though not certified. We feel strongly about our holistic husbandry practices including herbal support and homeopathy. Our animals are trained to electric net fencing and we practice intensive rotational browsing, offering the herd a fresh section of land each day and resting each section for more than 30 days before returning the goats to it. We dam raise our kids because we feel that this ensures the absolute best for the offspring; they learn their place in the caprine social hierarchy but also are human socialized, and they grow better being able to nurse at their convenience and gain stronger immunity this way. For more information, please follow us on facebook or check out our website:


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