Mary Lake

Randolph Center, VT

Sheep and goat shearing and butchering. Wool and pelts. VSGA board.

Sunshine Hill Farm

I’m a shearer and butcher out of Tunbridge, VT. I shear all over Vermont, New York and New Hampshire, and do on-farm slaughter throughout the state. I’m on the VSGA Board of Directors and publish the VSGA Newsletter.

I’ve been working with sheep since 2008 and am slowly growing my own flock of Icelandics, Horned Dorsets and their crosses.

Visit my Web site to learn more about my work and sheep.

Mary Lake: Icelandic ewe lamb and Icelandic/HormedDorset cross ewe lamb
Mary Lake: Icelandic/Horned Dorset cross ewe lamb
Mary Lake: Jack the dog
Mary Lake: Icelandic ram lamb
Mary Lake: Horned Dorset ewe
Mary Lake: A Horned Dorset Ram Lamb
Mary Lake: Icelandic Ram
Mary Lake: Horned Dorset Yearling Ewe

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Mary Lake
13 Tunbridge Mtn. Road
Randolph Center, VT 05061

(802) 338-2250