Fuller Mountain Farm

North Ferrisburgh, VT

Fuller Mountain Farm is implementing permaculture principles and designs to raise heirloom vegetables, flowers, and herbs on 8 acres in the Champlain Valley. We’re deeply interested in creating resilient food systems that are able to adapt to changing climatic conditions. Our sheep are an important part of our farm, where they, and our chickens, help us manage our pasture! We are looking forward to expanding into the wool, fiber, and cheesemaking markets.

58704614479__876CEA55-3F54-49BE-BA49-C36B550A5E28: Fuller Mountain Farm
IMG_2802: Loving our hay!
IMG_2800: A new little ram lamb!
IMG_2456: Happy hens!

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Sheri Arroyo
1411 Fuller Mt. Road
North Ferrisburgh, VT 05473

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