Flack Family Farm

Enosburg Falls, VT

Flack Family Farm has been raising sheep for over forty years in the hills of north Fairfield.
At this time there is a hearty flock of Icelandic sheep of mixed shades and tones of black, white, and moorit (brown).

The farm also hosts a herd of American Milking Devon cattle and a flock of layer hens.
Management intensive grazing is used with both sheep and cattle on over 100 acres of pasture.
The ruminants are raised without grain. Besides tending to the animals, a lot of farm activity goes
into making fermented vegetable and their sauerkraut and kimchi can be found in stores throughout
north and central Vermont. Biodynamic principles are practiced and farm products are certified organic.

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Doug and Barbara Flack
3971 Pumpkim Village Road
Enosburg Falls, VT 05450