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Wool Processing

Your own yarn from your own flock.
As part of our commitment to small scale sheep and fiber producers, The Green Mountain Spinnery provides a custom processing service. We enjoy working with fiber producers to design yarn particular to their unique fleece and fiber considerations. We can card and spin as little as 35 lbs of raw fleece or 20 lbs of scoured fleece. For lots weighing less than 20 lbs, after scouring, you can purchase enough additional wool from us to bring the scoured weight to 20 lbs. The following information details the basic variables involved in creating a custom yarn.

Contact us at 802.387.4528 to discuss your custom processing plans. David Ritchie ( and Lauren von Krusenstiern ( are the primary custom processing contacts at Green Mountain Spinnery.

Production Information
Process: We work with our customers to design yarns which enhance the characteristics of the fibers used. The quality of the yarns is directly related to the quality of fiber provided. We are known for producing excellent light weight, worsted weight, and bulky yarns, either plied or unplied. Our method of hand scouring takes particular care of the fleece and fibers. To minimize our use of petroleum products, all scouring is done with vegetable oil- based soap. No chemicals are used for moth- or shrink-proofing, or for removing chaff.


Contact Information

David or Lauren
7 Brickyard Lane
Putney, VT 05346

(802) 387-4528