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Valais Blacknose + Shetland Rams from Wing & A Prayer Farm

“Johnny” is an F1 Valais Blacknose x Teeswater ram lamb for sale. As members of the American Valais Blacknose Sheep Society, we are committed to assisting and creating a sustainable VBS population that closely meets the breed standard, and once meeting the criteria of “American Purebred”, will breed true for generations to come. Johnny is of excellent temperament and health. He is a generous fiber producer with a crimpy, soft and lustrous fleece and would be an excellent ram or wether as part of a beautiful fiber flock. We believe in protecting your investment in the future of this new breed and hope that you will consider buying stock that is produced and registered under the VBSS standard.

“Phineas” is a N.A.S.S.A. #S 50966 Musket Registered Shetland ram lamb from April, 2019 with great horns, healthy, grass-raised, up-to-date with vaccinations, parasite-resistant, Scrapie-certified, of good temperament, and easy to handle. Email Tammy for more information.


Contact Information

Tamara White
, VT

(802) 233-6031