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UVM Extension services available to farms in CT River Watershed


Elaine Fortin recently posted the brochure on this website about the Long Island Sound Regional Conservation Partnership Project – LIS RCPP. A long title for a program to assist farms and farmers in the Ct River Watershed funded by the USDA-NRCS. For the Vermont folks, this encompasses the Ct River and all its tributaries from the Canadian border to the Massachusetts border.

With water quality and soil health being the main focus of this grant, our team is prepared to work with any farmers looking for assistance to those ends, and everything in between to get there! The rewards of an ecologically healthy farm are numerous – from the pastures to the milk and meat to the purse – all benefit when systems are functioning well. So do give us a call, or email if you are looking for guidance and advice on practices that will improve your farm and the water and soil on it. The brochure has all the information on services and expertise we can provide, as well as all of our contact information.

I/we look forward to seeing you all on the farm!

Kimberly Hagen

Contact Information

Kimberly Hagen
Grazing Outreach Specialist, University of Vermont, Extension Center for Sustainable Agriculture, 23 Mansfield Ave
Burlington, VT 05401-3323

(802) 656-3834