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Two Babydoll Southdown Rams

Uh-oh…life just threw us a curveball and we have to sell our piece of Vermont paradise (MLS#4651310)! Our breeding ewes have found a home but we still have to place our wonderful friendly and handsome rams. Normally they’d sell for $600 each but I’m willing to part with them for FREE if they can stay together. They’re easy keepers, not at all scary/pushy, love pats and are very best friends. “Oatmeal” (3/4/2015) was born here, is registered and white. “Fig” (4/24/2014) is double registered, born in Maine at Mary Ireland’s farm, and looks grey but is considered black. He even throws black lambs!


Contact Information

Krista Diego
, VT

(603) 991-9818