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Shepherd Mentoring

Shepherd Mentoring is an online program designed to support, guide, encourage, and educate shepherds. The Shepherd’s Path, the core component of the program, identifies three different stages of shepherding and the skills needed to confidently manage your flock of sheep. Each stage is supported with video instruction, handouts, checklists and tutorials. Kim Goodling, teacher/consultant, guides each member answering questions and providing a reliable resource bank of information. Kim communicates with her shepherds through a private discussion forum away from the distractions of Facebook, and provides ongoing support through live Zoom sessions. Regardless of where you are in your journey raising sheep, Shepherd Mentoring provides not just basic sheep care information but farm business management and marketing skills as well. So whether you are a new shepherd needing to learn how to prepare your farm for your sheep or learn basic sheep care OR if you are a veteran shepherd wanting to improve your marketing skills, Shepherd Mentoring has a place for EWE! 🐑


Contact Information

Kim Goodling
, VT

(802) 917-2066