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FOR SALE: 2 Great Pyrenees LGDs

With a heavy heart, we are placing our 2 beautiful working Great Pyrenees up for sale due to significant downsizing of our farm & a possible move. Both are from New England working lines & have been guarding our sheep, goats, poultry & equines since young puppyhood. They have also been raised with young children, and they’re used to being on a small farm with plenty of human visitors + a lot of family interaction.

1 Spayed Female, 2.5 Years Old – Strong independent guardian, safe with all stock, loves all people, basic obedience trained, likes to hike on leash, ride in the car & come into the house for the occasional visit, so best suited to small farm/all-around LGD life. Badger markings.

1 Neutered Male, 1.5 Year Old – NOT finished or poultry safe, so will need an experienced LGD person to refine his work. Very tuned in to people, great natural instincts but just needs to build confidence. Will do best in a larger area with larger, savvy stock. Some obedience, but no leash, car or house training thus far. Nice size, all white.

**These 2 make a good team, but we’re willing to separate them for the right circumstances. Our main concern is the right placement. Pricing is negotiable.

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Myra Peffer
, VT

(802) 417-4175