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Looking to place 6 Navajo Churro ewes in a good home

I ‘rescued’ 6 Navajo Churro ewes this summer from a somewhat local homestead that was in a rental situation and could not keep livestock. I have had them shorn and have looked over them for a couple of months now and see that they are in good health. One seems to be very small, though she is 3, and we think it might’ve been some stunted growth as a lamb or yearling that has her predisposed to being undersized.

I have many other types of fiber animals on my farm and it is a problem of being able to keep too many animals going into winter. I would want to place the Navajo Churro ewes all together if someone who is a Navajo Churro enthusiast or has always wanted them is interested. One of the ewes, in particular, looks like really good breed stock.

I am not interested to breed the ewes on my farm and would only keep them on as another fiber-source, but to tell the truth, I’m feeling like I’m maxing out on the ability to diversify further.

I do know that Navajo Churros are a hardy breed, and though these gals are not as friendly as my sheep that have been born and raised on my property, I have been able to work with them to trim hooves and dose if necessary. I see them as having great potential.

Their fleeces were so overgrown that they were quite matted when I got them. Their new fleeces, coming in, are very lovely.

The previous owners were very kind and well intentioned but had no sheep-keeping history, so were not able to catch them for shearing.

The farm they’d been rescued from initially had had a very large flock at one time, and had to downsize for (farmer’s)health reasons. I have records for them from their original farm, including parasite control and vaccinations.

Let me know,, if you are interested to re-home them. I am Southwestern Vermont.


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