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Fainting/Myontonic Meat Goats

We are the only Scrapie Export “Monitored” herd of goats in the USA! With our “Certified” status coming through at anytime! What this means is, If you live outside of the USA & you’ve wanted a Myotonic goat but couldn’t buy one due to the USDA regulations, you now can!! We had 3 Canadian sales in 2018 with more 2019 sales in the making. Yes, this includes does!
Our herd is “closed” and has been tested “clean” for CAE, Johnnes & CL, through Cornell University. We are offering most of the herd for sale as we need to lighten our work load. Please view our website for pictures & descriptions. 2019 kids will not arrive until mid to late July. They will be for sale. Pregnant does and young doelings are being offered. We have sold all our2018 buck prospects. Price range: $375.00 – 650.00. All goats registered through the Myontonic Goat Registry (MGR)


Contact Information

Sherry Siebenaler
, VT

(802) 372-3080