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Dorset Sheep

From NEK Sheep & Goat Farm, out of Craftsbury: We have a good variety 2017 Ram and Ewe lambs left for sale from our purebred flock of registered Production Dorset Sheep.

Born March – April 2017

AND: We are cutting back on our flock this year, because we got too big, so we will be selling a dozen or so of our seasoned ewes, born from 2015 to 2012. Including some 2016 ewes for sale, looking very nice and ready for their first breeding.

Ram Lambs……………………..$500
Ewe Lambs………………………$250
2016 Ewes……………………….$300
Proven Adult Ewes…………..$325-$400

We can put together a Starter Flock of 2017 lambs: 3 ewes and 1 ram for breeding for $1000! Or, we’d be happy to come up with a different deal if you’d like to acquire a variety of ages or more then 3 ewes. We are also, willing to consider financing to the right situation.

Many of our Ewe lambs typically have a successful breeding by 8-12 months of age and have made good first time moms. We have never had an orphaned lamb. We grain feed our lambs to make them weight and size ready for their first breeding, aiming for at least 120-140 lbs before breeding.

We acquired our original foundation stock from K Bar K Farm in Pennsylvania in 2009 and last summer we added 2 new superior ram lines from Hunter Dorsets out of Indiana.

Dorset ewes are known for out of season breeding, quick weight growth, good mothering instincts, and they are an all around good tempered sheep. They are unlike the show Dorset line of taller and sleeker sheep. These are true meat sheep, but there is beneficial use for their wool too. Our rams are large and stocky, produce quick growing lambs, and weigh around 250-350 lbs or more as adults. Dorset ewes are great moms and have twins and triplets regularly, weighing around 175-225 lbs as adults.


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, VT

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