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Cashmere Yarn & Roving

Pure Cashmere Laceweight Yarn: ~200 yd/oz. will create an incredibly soft and warm lace scarf or hat. Light Brown $38/oz.
Pure Cashmere Roving: 1 oz., light brown, $24/oz.
Cashmere/Silk Laceweight Yarn: ~ 185 yd/oz., 50% Cashmere/50% Silk, soft brown with shiny cream color. $28/oz.
Cashmere/Silk Roving: 1 oz., $24
Cashmere/Merino Wool Yarn: ~ 185 yd/1 oz., 50% Cashmere/50% Merino Wool. light brown, $24/oz.
Postage & insurance extra.

Contact Information

Norma Bromley
, VT

(802) 467-3222