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Buying Raw Wool

Do you have a barn full of wool and no plans for it? Shearing soon?

We are buying raw wool from New England flocks for $1-5/clean raw pound. We are particularly looking for Shetland and Finn and will pay higher prices for good wool from finer-fleeced breeds. We can skirt, clean, and provide information about how to manage your wool in a way that makes sense for your business.

Sorry, but we cannot accept Churro, Icelandic, hair or hair-cross fibers due to mill restrictions.

Naturally, we are not looking to replace anyone’s successful fiber endeavors, but for shepherds who do not currently market their fleeces, we hope that we can provide value for fleece that is otherwise unused. Please get in touch if you have wool to sell!


Contact Information

Bobolink Yarns
, VT

(802) 324-2039