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Boer Goats

We have 1 year old (April-June 2017) Bucks and Does available now.
Ready for this coming fall’s breeding season!
Boer kids are all sired by a registered full blood Boer Buck.

1 y/o Full blood Bucks $600 – $500 (registrable or without papers)
Bucks were 100 – 130 lbs at 10 months of age

1 y/o Full blood Doe $400 (registrable)

We also have new 2018 kids on the ground now, just born throughout April.
We’re taking deposits on kids now for purchase after they are weaned.
Very limited supply of Doelings.
$300 – $500

We have a small herd, so our goats are handled on a regular basis, making very friendly animals. Boer goats are a great meat breed and have great tasting meat! We typically slaughter our goats around 130 lbs (live-weight) and get around a 60 lb carcass (hanging-weight).
Our website is just not up to date with available purchases yet, but we can send pictures of individual goats for viewing upon request.


Contact Information

Wendy Mae
, VT