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Boer Goats

NEK Sheep & Goat Farm’s 2016 & 2017 Boer Bucks. From $450 – $500 cash, depending on age and registration status. (Sorry, but we are sold out of does at this time.)

2016 Bucks will only be around for a few more weeks. They are 85% or higher Boer goat, 18 months old, handsome studs and hot to trot for the up-coming breeding season. $450 and non-registrable

2017 Bucks are 5 months old. All these boys are $500 and 100% registrable Boers.

We also have a couple castrated weathers with really great markings. These boys make great pet goats or companion goats for $150.

Please contact us if you are interested in individual pictures, information, and pricing, on each of the bucks.


Contact Information

Wendy Mae
, VT

(802) 279-4834