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Boer Goats: Bucks & Does

Northeast Kingdom Sheep & Goat Farm in Craftsbury has some Boer goat breeding stock available for sale, both does and bucks. All of our kids are sired by a ABGA Registered full-blood Boer buck.

We have a couple very handsome and well muscled 18 month old Boer Bucks available now (born spring of 2018). Ready for this year’s breeding season!
These boys are handled regularly and filling out very nicely.
Running 195 lbs to 220 lbs.

$600 for 100% full blood Boer Buck (registrable)
$500 for 95% Boer Buck (no-papers)

We also have 1 very cute solid chocolate colored buck, 5 months old, born spring of 2019
$500 for 100% full blood Boer Buck kid. (registrable)

For Does, we have a handful of 5 month old does kids for sale. Weaned and ready to go.
100% Full blood Boer Doe kids $300 each (registrable)
High 97% Boer Doe kid $250 (no-papers)

Lastly, we have a few adult 100% Boer Does we are selling, to cut our herd down a little bit. These are some of our top quality breeding does, all experienced and ready for this year’s breeding season. $400 – $425

We have a small herd, so our goats are handled on a regular basis, making very friendly animals. Boer goats are a quick growing meat goat breed and have great tasting meat! If you’re looking to add some muscling to your goat carcasses, consider bringing in a Boer goat line.

A 130 lb (live-weight) goat will give us around a 70+ lb carcass (hanging-weight).

Inquire for more information and individual photos of our animals for sale if you’re interested.

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