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Boer Goat Bucks

We have a couple very handsome 16 month old (2018 born) Boer Bucks available.
Ready for this coming fall’s breeding season.
Handled regularly and filling out very nicely. Running 165 lbs – 180 lbs.
Sired by ABGA Registered full-blood Boer buck.

$600 or $500 for 100% full blood Boer or 95% Boer

We also have 1 chocolate colored 2019 Full Blood Buck kid available who is 3 months old.

We are sold out of doe kids for this season.

We have a small herd, so our goats are handled on a regular basis, making very friendly animals. Boer goats are a quick growing production goat breed and have great tasting meat! If you’re looking to add some muscling to your carcasses, we typically slaughter our goats around 130 lbs (live-weight) and get around a 60-70 lb carcass (hanging-weight).

Feel free to contact us with questions.


Contact Information

Wendy Mae
, VT

(802) 279-4834