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BFL and Border Leicester lambs

Two registered Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) rams for sale: Dorward Highlander and Dorward Chieftain. Both are white, carrying natural color. Both have great wool and great dispositions. Highlander has fantastic length and width – a real standout! Chieftain was born a twin and has great blue coloration. $500 for Highlander, $400 for Chieftain.

Three registered Border Leicester ewe lambs for sale. Dams from Sue Johnson, Sire from the late Polly Hopkins in Rhode Island. These hardy gals would be a perfect starter-flock trio, with “tech support” available from me as needed. Border Leicesters are a great breed for Vermont’s climate – hardy, efficient, growthy on grass and large enough to produce lamb economically. $300 each


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Katie Sullivan
, VT

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