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Anatolian Shepherd Livestock Guardian Dog

Raina is available for adoption to an approved farm. She is an 13 month old, un-spayed, Anatolian Shepherd livestock guardian dog. We purchased her from a farm in NC that had holistic husbandry practices similar to ours. She came from a farm with disease free goats, and our goat herd is also tested negative for CAE, CL and Johne’s. Raina was with her mom and littermates until she was 10 weeks old and had terrific interactions with her canine and human family, as well as the livestock on that farm from birth.

Upon arriving here last spring, we immediately began training her to reside with our buck goat and that went exceedingly well. She was exposed across fences to our doe herd last fall and seemed to be very respectful. Our plan was to integrate her into the doe herd after kidding season finished this spring, and rotate her through our pastures with the herd within electric net fencing. Our training with her has been put on hiatus as the result of a new, extremely needy human baby in our household. Raina needs more time an experienced handler to finish her training. She is friendly with her adult handler, but should not be unsupervised with children (in other words, she is too exuberant to behave appropriately with our 5’10” 13 year old daughter).

Raina’s major vice is that she is a massively destructive chewer despite bones and chew toys and interactive toys. She has destroyed plastic water buckets, expensive hay feeders, mineral feeders, and the shed she and the buckling live in. Recently she chewed through her chain link enclosure, left her buckling, and attacked our flock of laying hens. We simply cannot have this, as we raise an abundance of poultry for meat in the summer. Raina would be best suited for a single species farm with a large herd of goats or flock of sheep.

Raina has been a terrific guardian thus far. Her innate abilities are awesome! She has alerted us to many things that don’t belong on our property: coyotes, a fox, an ermine, an owl, the ravens, a neighbor’s cat, unwanted neighbors. She barks until the threat leaves, or until I tell her, “That’ll do.” Unless there is a threat, she is a very quiet dog.

Raina is playful and needs a good amount of exercise. She is smart and willing to learn.  Anatolians are a bit slow to mature, so while her size is that of a formidable dog her behavior is still quite puppy-ish. She is very responsive to training, which is making the decision to part with her that much harder. I feel that I am failing her because I cannot give her the time she needs. Had I known I was pregnant when I agreed to purchase her, I would never have agreed to purchase her.

For full disclosure, it’s important to add that Raina had a terrible reaction to her rabies vaccination as a puppy. Through lots of homeopathy and herbs we were able to turn her around, but to see her go from a confident pup to one petrified of any noise was heartbreaking. I feel that this medical event and slow recovery inhibited what would have been a normal behavior development. Every experience had to be relearned.

Adoption fee is $900 to cover her purchase price and vet visits to date, but is slightly negotiable to the right situation. We are also willing to entertain trades: piglets, beef steer, organic hay, local honey, organic maple syrup, disease free and registered Alpine buck.

Please email for more details or to set up a time to meet her. Serious inquiries only!!

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Kristin Plante, CVT
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