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Alpine Goat Kids

Sugar Top Farm, LLC is now taking reservations for spring goat kids. We are breeding in November for April kids. Our pairings can be viewed here on our website: Our entire herd has five years of negative disease testing for CAE, CL, and Johne’s. We feed certified organic grain and hay. We practice intensive pasture rotation, and have instituted holistic husbandry practices which include herbs and homeopathy. We do not use chemicals on our farm or with our herd. Our herd’s genetics hail from some of the most sought after in the country including: Roeburn, Mamm-Key, Lazy Lady, and Soldier Mountain.

We offer two scenarios for purchase: 1.) Purchase and pick up at two weeks old. You must continue to bottle feed until weaning (4-6 months). OR 2.) Purchase and pick up at weaning (4-6 months of age). They will be dam raised and human socialized, trained to respect electric net fencing, trained to stand for hoof trimming, and trained to walk respectfully on leash.

1.) We reserve the right to retain any goat kid.
2.) We maintain a waiting list for our goat kids. Customers are contacted when goat kids are born in the order in which they were placed on the list and offered right of first refusal in that same order. To assist us with matching the right kid to the right family, please be sure to let us know your preferences (gender, color, breed, registration) when you send an email with interest.
3.) Goat kids are sold on a first come, first monetary deposit basis. Price is $100 for unregistered and $150 for ADGA registered at two weeks of age. Dam raising until weaning is an additional $50 per month. A deposit of 50% of the purchase price will hold the animal until pick up date. Deposits are non-refundable unless animal becomes ill or dies.
4.) Pick up must be arranged at time of deposit for a mutually agreed upon date. Any animals not picked up by that date will be placed back up for sale and deposit will be forfeited.
5.) We will not sell a newborn, as we feel that they get the best start in life when they receive colostrum from their dams.
6.) Our goat kids are disbudded. If you want horns intact, you must make arrangements with a non-refundable deposit for the entire purchase price prior to birth.
7.) All males will be wethered (castrated) prior to leaving our farm. If you are interested in a registered intact buckling for breeding purposes, please contact us. We will only sell top quality intact bucklings who meet conformation requirements for breed standard and registry.
8.) We sell goat kids in pairs or to approved farms who already have livestock. We do not generally sell single kids.
9.) We do not ship our animals. They must be picked up at the farm by the buyer.
10.) We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason.
11.) Health certificates and any additional disease testing are available at the expense of the buyer.
12.) Purchase price includes continued mentoring from Sugar Top Farm, as desired by buyer.

Keep in mind, we will not be the cheapest or the most expensive. We won’t haggle with purchase prices. If someone sees our animals and feels that they are worth the investment, then we know it’s a home/farm we want our animals going to. We will entertain trades occasionally (i.e. honey, organic syrup, organic hay, etc.), so feel free to ask.

Thank you for considering a goat from Sugar Top Farm. We strive to provide quality animals with strong constitution and stellar health. We work hard to ensure that these animals are given the best quality of life while they are with us, and work with our customers to ensure that they provide the same. (updated 11/1/2017)

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