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Alpine Doe in Milk

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Sugar Top Farm Comet Halley is a two year old, first freshener, Alpine doe. She kidded on 4/15 to a large, single buckling completely unassisted and without complications. She was initially confused about motherhood but then took her dam raising duties seriously.

Halley is producing approximately 6 cups of milk twice a day, and her production is increasing daily. Halley’s dam broke milk production records in our barn after having Halley, and then continued to milk through for two years without rebreeding. We are fairly certain that Halley will possess those same qualities. Halley has a decent look udder with decent sized teats and orifices for hand milking, or I’m sure she’d adjust to machine milking with some work. She has very typical first freshener milk stand manners, despite how much we worked with her preparing her for this. She is terrible on the stand, even with hobbles and needs someone with more patience and time to help her work through this.

Halley is trained to walk respectfully on leash, and will follow the herd for off leash walks. She stands nicely for hoof trimming which we perform monthly. Halley is trained to respect electric net fencing and is accustomed to intensive daily pasture rotation.

We feed organic hay and grain. We manage our herd holistically including herbal parasite prevention. We do not vaccinate. Our entire herd is disease tested negative for CAE, CL and Johne’s. We have five years of negative testing on our herd.

Halley is registered with the American Dairy Goat Association, has pretty great genetics, and her pedigree can be viewed here:

We have sold Halley’s buckling and it’s imperative that I move her on as quickly as possible. I have a new human infant in our house and my husband was badly injured on Friday and will be incapacitated for the next three months, therefore I need to lessen my workload.  Please reach out with any questions and interest, or feel free to peruse our website for more information about our farm and sales policies:

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Kristin Plante, CVT
Hyde Park, VT 05655