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Adult Female Maremma LGD

4 year old mature spayed female Maremma Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) for sale (registered with Maremma Sheepdog Club of America).

If you’re interested in an LGD for your homestead, without having to go through the added work of raising a puppy through their teething and more playful years, then here is a good option for you.

She is bonded with sheep and is friendly with people. She just requires electric fencing to keep her from going on walk-abouts. She would do well with another LGD to partner with, as I believe that would help her be less apt to wander. We work all of our other LGDs on our farm in pairs, which gives them companionship and a play buddy for long boring days. This is not a necessity, just a recommendation.

We also believe she would do well with a family with older children that is around the homestead allot, so she can be a part of the goings-on of the farm, as well as for flock protection. She’s a sweetheart and is looking for the attention of a family and some sheep of her own to guard.

She is up to date on all her vaccines and heart worm meds and handles being groomed well.

We are looking for the right situation for her and therefore do not have a set price on her. We are willing to negotiate on the price to find her a good, loving home.


Contact Information

Wendy Mae
, VT

(802) 279-4834